the inspiration: Dating Me Feels Like

the inspiration: Dating Me Feels Like

One of the most cherished connections we have is the ones we have with our grand parents.

Growing up my grandmother was one of my favorite people to hang with but she also would smoke Newport 100s. I remember seeing those green happy carefree ads in the coming in the mail on a regular basis.

I remember one day stealing a cigarette going to the bathroom lighting it then almost throwing up. Instantly I went and picked up the ad looked at it and wondered how could these people be so happy, having so much fun while smoking this nasty ass shit.

Fast forward to now, I download the Hinge app and see that one of the prompts asks you to describe what dating you feel like. For some reason, I remembered those same ads. I thought this is what people think dating is. A fun filled high that last forever. But we all go through shit like regular people so depending on how I feel your experience may vary. 

This collection highlights some of these experiences we offer versus the experiences we have while loving each other.

Full collection is available September 22nd 2022.


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